– Revamp & Upgrade

In a competitive economic landscape, plant uptime, regulatory compliance and safety and environmental performance are among key drivers for sustainable bottom line and growth. ICE Petroleum’s integrated platform offers revamp and upgrade services to help drive Operating Effectiveness (OE) throughout the asset lifecycle. Our seamless plant shutdown and turnaround solution offering includes, among others, non-destructive testing (NDT), asset integrity assessment and engineering design review as part of a holistic debottlenecking approach. We also ensure that business continuity and safety aspects are considered in fine tuning plant operating parameters for maximised productivity and throughput at optimised energy and resource efficiency levels.

We collaborate with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in systems and technology integration works to ensure compatibility of installations and to provide value added warranty programs for the asset owner.

We help minimise plant disruption with coordinated planning of labour and material in undertaking scheduled and unscheduled maintenance works.

We are equipped with best-in-class procurement systems and processes to provide seamless delivery of material and resources including clearance requirements.

We meticulously fine tune operating parameters and perform all functional checks that are essential for a safe and smooth plant start-up process.

We ensure HSE processes are enforced throughout the revamp and upgrade project lifecycle.

We adopt a holistic, risk-based approach in assessing the condition of assets that covers both business continuity and operational effectiveness objectives.

We provide auxiliary services from planning through completion of revamp & upgrade projects which include material expediting, QA/QC and asset documentation.

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