As a one-stop solutions provider, ICE Petroleum offers services from design to decommissioning throughout the plant lifecycle to drive asset performance. Our maintenance capabilities combine tactical and operational expertise to provide a comprehensive suite of services that includes, but are not limited to, asset lifecycle cost modelling, plant shutdown and turnaround, compliance audits, scheduled preventive maintenance and ad hoc repair works. We work with asset owners to design bespoke service delivery and contracting models, define performance objectives and structure best appropriate practices to be implemented.

Contractor management

We act as an integrator of all contractor work packages to provide a full spectrum of hard and soft maintenance services.

Engineering support

We are ready to mobilise our multidisciplinary team of engineers to provide design advisory and drawing revisions as required.

Maintenance performance reporting

We prepare high level dashboards to help establish line-of-sight between top management and the shop floor, which facilitates effective decision making cycles.

Shutdown and turnaround management

We are a one-stop-shop, providing plant owners a single point of accountability in the execution of scheduled maintenance and debottlenecking exercises that are in line with regulatory and safety requirements.

Maintenance planning

We adopt data-driven processes in maintenance planning including risk-based condition assessment in order to effectively prioritise maintenance work orders.


We are well equipped to respond to ad hoc repairs and corrective maintenance requirements.

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