ICE Petroleum offers an array of engineering design services surrounding our primary expertise in the piping and storage asset class and beyond. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates and applies the convergence of capabilities into feasibility studies through mechanical completions and pre-commissioning services for both new CAPEX projects and operational assets. We adopt a whole lifecycle design methodology that incorporates constructability and maintainability considerations to ensure all technical, commercial, statutory and logistical requirements are appropriately addressed from the outset of the project phase. Our tactical approach helps mitigate project risk and enable assets to perform as per intended service levels.

Design engineering

We adopt a multidisciplinary, peer review approach in determining engineering designs that are practical, safe and optimised for performance and maintainability.

Mechanical Engineering

We thoroughly model and evaluate the mechanical behaviour of our designs under the operating environment they are subjected to, to ensure safe storage and transport of fluid, gases or products.

Electrical Engineering

We provide design services for related electrical and power systems covering both high voltage and low voltage applications.

Instrumentation and Controls

We design human-machine interface and automation systems to enable remote monitoring and complete integration into SCADA systems.

Completions Management

We monitor installation and hook-up processes and provide necessary documentation prior to handover to ensure operational sustainability.

Civil and Structural Engineering

We integrate geotechnical and surveying expertise in the layout, design and construction of tank foundations, buried services and pipe racks.

Project Controls and Governance

We monitor and control time, cost and quality constraints from the outset of the project to enhance accountability and good governance.


We thoroughly inspect the approved design installation and conduct tests including leak metering, valve testing and hydro-testing to ensure asset integrity.

Constructability Studies

We link design and construction processes to assess project viability and continuously review our construction techniques to minimise environmental impact and enhance the project delivery process.

Our Sectors