Resource and utility infrastructure consists of complex and integrated systems and equipment. From the initial development, they require continuous augmentation and retrofitting cycles to cater for changes in demand levels and type of product or feedstock. As part of our whole-of-life approach, our decommissioning capability includes a wide range of applications from downscaling, mothballing to a complete greenfield restoration. In doing so, we ensure safety practices are carried out to the highest standards throughout the processes of disassembly, hazardous material handling, waste removal and recycling.

Compliance inspections and completions documentation

We review all equipment and system documentation to ascertain the feasibility of decommissioning strategies.

Asset appraisal

We conduct thorough assessments to ascertain the condition of the asset, to determine its residual value and to forecast its remaining useful life before advising the most appropriate asset end-of-life strategy.

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environmental) monitoring

We monitor and control all HSSE parameters throughout the decommissioning process.

Pre-demolition surveys

We conduct surveys to identify and demarcate all buried or concealed assets and services before determining the most appropriate demolition methods.

Tender preparation and management

We manage and administer all contractor work packages and monitor the performance of all contracted parties.

Turnkey project execution

We are a one-stop-shop, providing plant owners a single point of accountability in the execution of decommissioning activities.

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