Across multiple sectors within the resource and utilities industry, ICE Petroleum has an enviable track record in providing greenfield and brownfield construction services. Our construction professionals execute best-in-class practices in project management, construction techniques, subcontractor work package management, and quality assurance and quality control to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. Our core capabilities include supply, installation, modification, tie-in, assembly and mechanical erection, among others. We add value to projects by deploying an interface management model that integrates engineering, procurement and subcontractor management practices, allowing us to take on projects at any scale, scope and contracting arrangements.

Civil and structural engineering

We deploy geotechnical and surveying expertise in the process of building tank foundations, buried services and pipe racks.

Mechanical Engineering

We apply all design and modelling considerations in the construction process to ensure safe storage and transport of fluid, gases or products.

Construction management

We provide end-to-end construction project management services including overall planning, execution and monitoring of projects.

Subcontractor management

We continuously evaluate and work with high performing subcontractors within the local and regional supply chain.

Electrical engineering

We build and commission related electrical and power systems covering both high voltage and low voltage applications.

Instrumentation and controls

We ensure that SCADA and control systems are accordingly built to enable human-machine interface and automation of systems.

Procurement and logistics

We are equipped with best-in-class procurement systems and processes to provide seamless delivery of material and resources including clearance requirements.

Project and work pack management

We organise work breakdown structures into manageable work packages in order to effectively manage resource assignments.

Project planning, governance and reporting

We keep our clients informed via regular face-to-face engagements, scheduled reporting and live dashboards that provide instant overview of the project health.

Systems engineering

We adopt a multidisciplinary, peer review approach in determining engineering designs and construction methods that are practical, safe and optimised for performance and maintainability.

Technology integration

We integrate mechanical, control and instrumentation systems to be commissioned according to design and performance intents.

Our Sectors