The objective of commissioning is to provide a documented verification process that guarantees asset operability, reliability and safety aspects. ICE Petroleum’s multidisciplinary engineering capability offers an efficient and repeatable set of processes to commission assets at any scale and configuration, whether as an EPCC contractor or as an independent commissioning agent. Our comprehensive methodology includes mechanical completions audit and tests to ascertain that all systems and related interfaces are built and installed as specified. After the initial run, all operating parameters and technical diagnostics are then thoroughly reviewed to identify opportunities for optimisation. Recalibration and fault troubleshooting are then carried out to meet final acceptance testing requirements. To ensure operational sustainability post-commissioning, we also provide training and operating procedures development services.

Design engineering

We deploy a multidisciplinary team of design engineers to ensure all design intents and performance objectives are incorporated into the commissioning process.

Electrical engineering

We can provide commissioning expertise for related electrical and power systems covering both high voltage and low voltage applications.

Instrumentation and controls

We can provide instrumentation and control system commissioning expertise to enable human-machine interface and automation of systems.

Mechanical engineering

We fine-tune mechanical engineering designs to suit the actual operating environment in the commissioning process, ensuring safe storage and transport of fluid, gases or products.

Project controls and governance

We monitor and control time, cost and quality constraints from the outset of the process to enhance accountability and good governance.

Systems engineering

We deploy a multidisciplinary team of engineers to study and manage interfaces between related instrumentation and control systems within a plant.

Commissioning procedures

We adopt established and predefined checklists and customise them according to plant system configuration and user requirements.

Completions management

We help plant operators in orchestrating post-commissioning sustainability by ensuring all necessary certification and documentation are in place before final handover.

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