ICE Petroleum strives to become a socially responsible enterprise that gives back to local communities where the company operates. We reach out and respond to community needs by investing in human capital, equipment and energy to various causes including disaster relief and education.

Kelantan Floods

Kelantan was hardest hit during the 2014-2015 floods in Malaysia. Three days of continuous heavy rain between December 21st to 23rd caused major Kelantan rivers to rise above dangerous levels, flooding 70% of villages and displacing over 200,000 people – half of the state’s population. As most roads into Kelantan were submerged, volunteers only began arriving on December 28th when waters began to subside.

To deter hunger and an imminent outbreak of disease, two things had to be quickly brought to Kelantan – food and cleaning supplies. Realising the urgent need to respond to the emergency, ICE Petroleum together with friends from KFM Holdings Sdn Bhd joined the wave of volunteers and pooled resources to bring essential supplies to victims. At designated shelters, our response team prepared and distributed cooked meals and drinking water to over 1,000 victims. As soon as it was safe for the victims to return home, we mobilised our team to perform clean-up operations to remove the massive amount of mud, debris and garbage left by the flood waters along roads and inside residences.

Teaching and learning equipment for
SMK Padang Tembak

SMK Padang Tembak is a 50 year old public school in a residential area east of Kuala Lumpur. Through Dato’ Hj. Mazlan Lazim, a public figure who is actively involved in the wellbeing of the neighbourhood, ICE Petroleum learned of the urgent need to upgrade the school’s teaching and learning equipment to cater to a growing student body.

In August 2016, ICE Petroleum pledged donations in the form of multimedia learning and teaching equipment. Nine class rooms will be equipped with brand new LCD projectors, screens and computers which will benefit the school’s 1,400 students.

MCO CSR for Frontliners

MCO Breakfast Supply To Frontliners – Recognising the effort and sacrifice of our Frontliners during the trying times due to the pandemic, Ice Petroleum had taken the initiatives to provide breakfast for the period of one month to the Police and Armed Forces. The food distribution counter was set up at IPK Kuala Lumpur.

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