ICE Petroleum is built on trust that has evolved through the years – trust that has been incessantly upheld amongst employees and clientele – guarantee which we believe in and strive for continues excellence in on-time proven deliveries and impeccable customer support.

The Philosophy

“Abdul Jalil Maraicar didn’t simply try to find a place for ICE in the Energy and Utility space – he carved out one for ICE to constantly striving not to take anything for granted and to make safety, delivery, innovative business model and decision making prowess as the driving forces in charting a clear and discerniblle development path in engineering the company’s future growth”. 


Welcome to ICE Petroleum.

We are a leading service provider in the energy and utility sectors. Our vision is to be a global trusted service provider that delivers guaranteed performance and results throughout the asset lifecycle. With the skillful talents, savvy investors, strategic partners, and visionary leadership team, we have grown tremendously since our humble beginnings in 1991.

Over the years, we have progressively developed a niche in the marketplace. While our core business was primarily focusing in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) of storage tanks, interconnecting pipes, and heavy structures encircling the total spectrum of civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation disciplines; we have evolved by expanding our capabilities across the project lifecycle from FEED – Front End Engineering Design, EPCC, O&M – Operation & Maintenance, EPDA – Engineering, Procurement, Decommissioning, & Abandonment, Waste Management, and Marine.

Since 2015, with a clear mindset in forging a global strategy to chart a clear and discernible development path in engineering ICE Petroleum future growth, we have adopt and adapt into the new era by embracing digital transformation in our suites of solution offering such as Automation & Robotics, Digital Twin, Automated Inspection, Big Data, and Internet of Things. With COVID-19 that has changed our lives and the way we do things, our agility in transforming our business and staying relevant in the industries we operate, have created an opportunity for us to fill the vacuum created by those bricks-and-mortar operators.

Despite the economic meltdown globally, our client-centric approach and innovative contracting model have allowed us to build and maintain a healthy order book, providing us with a high earning visibility. ICE Petroleum is also a sustainable business as we operate within selective resource and utility segments of the energy value chain which are independent of the volatile oil price. With our robust project delivery and safety track records which are the key drivers that portray ICE Petroleum as a trusted company and brand, we continue to forge strong, long-standing relationships with the world’s leading asset owners.

We are excited with the company’s outlook as we embark on our future-focused phase. With the successful journey within high-growth economies of Southeast Asia and solid governance as our foundations, we took a leap and expanded our footprints to the Middle East and Central Asia while we aim to maintain our market growth in Malaysia and Brunei.

Marching towards our 30th anniversary in 2021, we are supported by over 100 professionals, undertaking leadership in various services for mission-critical project development across multiple sectors.

Trust. Guaranteed. These are the core values that define our every move – as a company, and as individuals who proudly carry the ICE Petroleum name.

Abdul Jalil Maraicar
Group Managing Director

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