We develop and execute our integrated EPCC and O&M suite of services for a single minded objective – driving asset performance. Our capabilities transcend different energy sectors and are relevant throughout the plant lifecycle.

The current industry landscape is a daunting one – asset owners are slowly but surely drifting from their core business due to time, and resources, spent on attempting to better manage and technically integrate their supply chain.


This is where we come in. We can take the hassle, align them accordingly and provide the best solution – an integrated and seamlessly enhanced plant management solution.


ICE Petroleum offers optimised service levels throughout the asset lifecycle. By leveraging on the convergence of construction and maintenance capabilities, we are able to provide a differentiated, end-to-end suite of solutions that meet your plant’s exacting needs.


What makes us different from our nearest competition is our Foresight, Integration and Adaptability.

Foresight because we initiate projects with the end in mind – strong asset performance

Integration because we adopt a multidisciplinary approach in each project execution

Adaptability because our capabilities transcend the traditional downstream energy value chain

ICE Petroleum’s services and solutions are clearly defined across 4 Business Divisions:

  • Engineering and Procurement
  • Construction, Fabrication and Commissioning
  • Maintenance, Revamp & Upgrade and Decommissioning
  • Technical Services